Don't let a weak bladder ruin your life!

Free yourself from bladder problems with Happy Bladder & Happy Greens!  

Don't let a weak bladder ruin your life.

Free yourself from bladder problems with Happy Bladder & Happy Greens!  

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  • Naturopathically formulated

  • Can relieve urinary frequency

  • Can help maintain & support bladder health

  • Works for men & women

  • Money-Back Guarantee

What's in the Bundle...

2 x Happy Bladder 60

The Happy Bladder formula has been researched and shown to be effective for men & women to:

 - Maintain/support healthy bladder function

 - Maintain/support bladder health

 - Relieve urinary frequency

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1 x Happy Greens 1000ml

Happy Greens is a bio-fermented liquid concentrate of green superfoods, including:

 - Broccoli seeds & broccoli sprout powder

 - Wheatgrass, barley grass & alfalfa

 - Milk Thistle & Beetroot

 - Turmeric & active beneficial bacteria

Happy Greens is Gluten free, contains no fructose, and is Vegan Friendly 

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1 x Happy Bladder Yoga Video

The Happy Bladder Video is an effective Yoga & Exercise video to help strengthen your pelvic floor and improve bladder tone. (14 min)

If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor and your bladder, then this is the sequence for you!

Simple pelvic floor exercises combined with breathing, and tips to maintain a happy & healthy bladder. (14-minute video.)

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Urinary incontinence — the loss of bladder control — is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that's so sudden and strong you don't get to a toilet in time.

Though it occurs more often as people get older, urinary incontinence isn't an inevitable consequence of aging. If urinary incontinence affects your daily activities, don't hesitate to see your doctor. For most people, simple lifestyle changes or medical treatment can ease discomfort or stop urinary incontinence.

Happy Bladder improves bladder tone and reduces bladder accidents. 



Happy Turmeric 500ml
Happy Liver 90


Q. What is Happy Bladder?

Happy Bladder is a patent pending, propriety herbal formula that has been developed to maintain and support healthy bladder function.

Q. How does Happy Bladder work?

Happy Bladder has been shown to:

 - Maintain/support healthy bladder function
 - Maintain/support bladder health
 - Relieve urinary frequency

Q. How long will it take before results are noticed?

Our research shows that significant results are experienced within 2 to 4 weeks of use.

Q. Are there any side effects and will Happy Bladder be effective in both men and women?

Happy Bladder is well tolerated and our research has shown Happy Bladder to be effective in both men and women.

Q. Does the product need to be taken long term?

To maintain the results most people need to continue on a lower maintenance dose. The anti-aging effect of this formula supports its use over a longer period.

Q. How common are bladder accidents and bladder urgency?

They occur very commonly but unfortunately are not often discussed. One in five adult Americans over the age of 40 are affected by overactive bladder or recurrent symptoms of urgency and frequency. Urgency is the sense that one urgently needs to empty their bladder. This can be in the day or night.

Q. How important is bladder tone / how common is bladder weakness?

Just as the health and tone of other muscles and organs (for example, the heart) is important for health and vitality, so too is healthy bladder function. A staggering 25 million adults in the US experience bladder weakness associated with childbirth and aging. Sometimes this can involve bladder accidents, other times this can mean getting out of bed at night for the toilet, or feeling a sense of urgency regularly throughout the day. In each case, the life of someone with these symptoms can seem to be ruled by their bladder and the availability of a toilet.

Q. Will it interfere with any other medications or supplements people may be taking?

Happy Bladder is not known to interfere with any drug medications or supplements. We do recommend you consult your health care professional for specific advice on combining medications.


Based on 9625 reviews
Happy Healthy You
Andrea (Adelaide, AU)
Loving Happy Calm

Cannot recommended Happy Calm highly enough 💕 have bought many bottles for Mum, she’s struggled in the past with high stress levels due to many issues.
At 76 she’s found HC to be brilliant at reducing anxiety, tension, sleepless nights and giving her an overall sense of calm.
Thank goodness they have come back into stock, I’ve been able to send more through to her 😊😊

Happy Healthy You
Hollie B. (Davidson, AU)
Thank you

I love the simplicity of only a few products, the affordability, the relevant and up to date information, access to a naturopath, the free assessment. Your whole approach has complete integrity. And it works. Thank you so much.

Happy Healthy You
Beverley P. (Adelaide, AU)
Love them!

I cannot live without my happy hormones!

Happy Healthy You
Mironne G. (Sydney, AU)
Managing oestrogen dominance

Have been taking HH for years. Stopped for 3 months as I decided I must be past the worst of perimenopause; my oestrogen increased 18 times and I put on 4kgs! Back on it quick smart once I saw my blood test results!

Happy Healthy You
Andrea R. (Dunedin, NZ)

Love love love HH
Going to try HC and HL also. Hubbie is going to try them as well.
Looking forward to the new us

Happy Healthy You
Megan D. (Sydney, AU)
Love HH

Have been using Happy Hormones for some time and this has helped with everything from moodiness prior to my period, severe cramps during my period and also regulating my period cycle. Has been a welcome product in my life and my families 😊

Happy Healthy You
Courtney H. (Brisbane, AU)

I was diagnosed with PCOS and have not had my menstrual cycle naturally or regularly for about 10 years. Within 1 month of taking the Happy Hormones vegan powder, I got a normal period without being on the pill. I just feel ‘better’ overall! Would highly recommend.

Happy Healthy You
Michelle (Adelaide, AU)
Happy healthy and glowing

I couldn’t have got through menopause without HH powder 4 years running and never missed a day happy healthy life for me and my loved ones. Recommend this product day after day it also made my skin glow 😊 extra benefit

Happy Healthy You
Sonia G. (Brisbane, AU)
Fantastic Happy Hormones

I am very happy with Happy Hormones, when I started taking them it was only a day or two before my hot flushes and night sweats stopped. However, since then, I have been in the midst of stressful life events, including moving to a new state; so now I still have very mild flushes (compared to what I initially experienced prior to taking Happy Hormones).

In addition, I received support from the lovely Naturopath from Happy Healthy You, although unfortunately I haven't had the time to fully check out the information emailed to me. But the small amount I read I took into action and it also helped - thank you!

I look forward to a time when I have the opportunity to be free in my and my son's own space, with a proper income and feeling truly relaxed in our own residence once again. And I know the product will fully balance me out properly once again.

Amazing product!

Reviewer avatar
Happy Healthy You
Felicity T. (Perth, AU)
Highly recommend

Love all my HH Products. I take HH H Tumeric H Greens H Liver H Calm H Bladder Best Decision I’ve made in a long time they’ve truly changed my life I feel 20 years younger than my 63 years Improved everything including sleep weight hair dry skin & best of all libido 💖

Happy Healthy You
Lesley E. (Sydney, AU)
Very Happy Me

Thank You for your fabulous products.
My 17 year old daughter and myself both use Happy Hormones Capsules and Happy Greens. We are very pleased with the benefits we are experiencing.
I am about to start using Happy Calm and Happy Turmeric. I will definitely write a review on these once I have a result and can share my experience.
I have referred my neighbour and some friends to these wonderful supplements.
Thank You for your exceptional products and service.

Happy Healthy You
Anonymous (Melbourne, AU)

I have been using happy hormones for a couple of years now and can say with absolute certainty that it has helped me immensely. I had intense mood swings that effected my every day life and since being on Happy hormones I can say I feel much happier stable and satisfied. I have supplemented also by trying your happy calm product about 8 months ago as I was suffering anxiety that also affected everything I did. They have helped calm me so much that I even started my son on them for a time when he was suffering some anxiety issues. I’m happy to say he also felt they helped him. Please Never stop supplying and supporting people with these wonderful products. I can’t thank you enough 😄

Happy Healthy You
Pauline G. (Brisbane, AU)
My Happy Hormones Powder is an Absolute Lifesaver

I was recommended Happy Hormones by a friend who had success with using the product. My situation was awefull. Between the ages of 48-51 I suffered from terrible periods. So heavy it was unbelievable. I have never been overweight and always have always been fit and healthy. But my weight had ballooned over these years, even though I was exercising regularly and eating well. So I thought why not give HH a go, I couldn't feel any worse. I know the above sounds a bit like a story you have heard before... I started taking Happy Hormones daily only taking the minimum recommended dose. By the time my next period was due it had kicked in the change was incredible. A normal period, shorter, less painful and much lighter. My energy level had increased and I felt much better. After a few months my weight started to shift and I looked and felt sooooo much healthier. Now two years later I still feel great, my hormones and weight are stable and I am wearing much loved clothing I refused to give away because I was too fat to fit into them. I still take Happy Hormones but only when I feel like I need it. I have recommended this product to many friends and as each person has different problems. their results are different to mine. But all are very happy with the product. Go on give it a try if it's suitable for you.

Happy Healthy You
Jenny P. (Sydney, AU)
All symptoms stopped.

These products were recommended buy 3 friends. Within a month of taking the happy hormones, happy calm, and turmeric, all my symptoms stopped. I couldn't believe it. I was a little hesitant with my purchase at 1st. But, that hesitation disappeared. Along with the 10 + hot flushes/day and all the other symptoms that go along with menopause. I've just received my second order. So happy. 100% recommendations from me.

Happy Healthy You
Happy calm happy hormones

Cannot rave enough about these 2 products! Both myself and my daughter (23yrold) ran out of happy calm and really realised how much they were helping us from sleeping soundly & not waking up through the night and laying awake for hours, to calming the anxiety related to stress! Fantastic product and I also took happy hormones and noticed my mood was more stable, my body functioned better in many aspects, so glad to have reordered today can’t wait for delivery and I’ll make sure I never run out again

Happy Healthy You
Justine L. (Sydney, AU)

I gave this product a go after reading and reading about it and then a friend mentioned it and how great she found it. I thought - well I have nothing to loose. Magic! this product is amazing, I feel great, sleep well, periods normal. Have recommended it to many of my friends (all hitting 50) they too have had great results. Gave some to my 14 year old suffering from pimples during school holidays, great results. I have just ordered her own bottle - she is in boarding school and sent me progress pictures last night, shes hooked too! THANKYOU

Happy Healthy You
Louise (Brisbane, AU)
Happy Calm

Love Love these products ! Have been taking HH for a number of years and feel it does help keeping me in check. Happy calm is a blessing I feel it is exactly what I need to manage my day.

Happy Healthy You
Pippa W. (West End, AU)
Very happy!

I was a bit skeptical if Happy Hormones was going to work for me, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It took a few months of taking them before I could feel the improvement and I’ve been taking them everyday since. I will continue to take my Happy Hormones and am now going to give Happy Calm a go too.

Happy Healthy You
Michele F. (Brisbane, AU)
Took a while but i highly recommend.

I have been taking Happy Hormones for almost 3 months, I was about to give up as my hot flushes weren't subsiding at all, a friend of mine suggested that i give it at least 3 months before i give up and i am glad i did. All of a sudden my hot flushes are almost gone and i feel like a new woman. All i can say is just persist, it takes a bit longer for some of us. I highly recommend.

Happy Healthy You
Fiona A. (Hobart, AU)
The supplement I didn’t realise I needed!

I started taking Happy Hormones at 47 years old, as a precursor to menopause simply to ensure that my hormones were as healthy and balanced as they could be before I reach that stage of life. After only 6 weeks I began to feel a sense of calm and a lift in mood. My unpleasant period symptoms, which I’d always thought was ‘normal’ also eased quite a bit so needless to say, I’m so thankful I embarked on the Happy Hormone journey!

Happy Healthy You
Mish (Sydney, AU)
Always happy!

I’ve been using HH products for a long time and they definitely make a huge difference. There are times when I get slack and forget to order before I run out and this is where I really know that they work because symptoms return when I don’t stick to my HH regimen.

Happy Healthy You
Nikki B. (Melbourne, AU)
Happy hormone capsules

I am turning 50 and I have been on HH for more than 4 years . I never really thought they were doing anything for me until I stopped taking them . I started to reduce my intake and noticed I started hot sweats and more restless sleep. But the worst part I started putting on weight !!! Then it clicked so I started back on back to my normal HH routine . Sometimes you don’t realise something is working until you stop !

Happy Healthy You
Leanne B. (Brisbane, AU)
Highly recommend

I was recommended the Happy Hormones by a friend a number of years ago. When it came time to need them, I purchased them just off her recommendation. Within 2 weeks of taking the capsules, my hot flushes and night sweats have completely gone.


I have been taking Happy Liver for quite some time, it is amazing, my test results are now fantastic. I have also just ordered Happy Greens for my gut, I have also used Happy Hormones which are fantastic. What fabulous products and fabulous results - so a big thank you.

Happy Healthy You
T. (Brisbane, AU)
Great results

I love all of my HH products, I take the HH powder daily along with HG AND HT. Which all work really nicely for me and I can certainly tell when I have forgotten to take them. I did a 3 a day dose of happy liver which really cleared my skin up and made me feel much less sluggish, I have now reduced to 1 a day which is working. Happy bladder has reduced frequency for me which is great. Recommend all

How Happy is your Liver today?


Liver health is key to thousands of metabolic functions every day.

How Happy is your Liver today?


Liver health is key to thousands of metabolic functions every day.