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Love this product, has helped to decrease menstrual discomfort. I am just starting peri-menopause so I’m very hopeful this product will assist me in making life more bearable.

Happy Hormones

Have taken this product for 12 months and have found it to be the solution for my thinning hair which is now thick in texture. Best product to have worked as claimed it would. Have recommended this product to many others.


Amazing products :)

Have been taking HH for 4yrs plus now in preparation for the transition into Menopause. Not there yet!! No hot flushes. Sleeping quite well. Not interested in HRT

Happy Tumeric Addict

My mother (80 yrs old) has suffered with body pain for 30 years (Fibromyalgia) without resolution, other than masking with toxic levels of dangerous opioids. I started taking HT and HH 18 mths ago for menopause and when I got on top of that, I stopped. 8 mths ago, I went down the same path as my mother at the same age (48) of unexplainable, unbearable pain from the hips down. 4 mths of ridiculous amount of pain relief just to function, I looked at the HT bottle in my fridge and decided I had nothing to lose. It took a full 2 weeks, and I can honestly say, i have not taken anything for pain since. I will never run out of this product again ... can’t thank you enough 🙏🏼