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Feel Amazing

Loving the Happy Hormones powder and Happy Greens. I feel totally balanced.


I have just reordered my second batch of Happy Hormones. The improvements were slow but I can say that after 3 months my hot flushes and sleeplessness have improved...not gone but improved. I’ll take that as a win for now!

Tears be gone!

Talk about wobbly! I was a hot mess after my pill became unavailable in Australia. I was in tears for 3/4 weeks of the month. Just the simplest things could set me off. Thanks to my legendary neighbour for getting me on to these! I'm only midly affected by my symptoms now, even the painful ones from having fibroids.
before: heavy bleeding, crying crying crying, moody, super irritable, restless legs, pain++, bloating++, massive weight fluctuation, massive boobs, sore back++, lax joints. not any more! I'm a HH convert.

Back on track - almost

I’ve been taking HH for about 2 years. Almost forgot what life was like without them - until- laziness and forgetfulness saw my dose decrease..boy did I feel it then. The hot flushes returned with gusto. Increased my dose and although not completely gone, have decreased somewhat. I expect slip ups in my diet add to this - sugar and coffee seem to effect me a lot. All in all I don’t think I would ever stop taking them.

Wouldn’t be without it!

Worth every cent!
I sleep better, less anxiety and very few hot flushes after having them continuously throughout the day!
Can’t recommend highly enough!