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Happy Hormones

Great product for me. I’m very happy with the way it’s helped keep me balanced daily. Will not be stopping anytime soon. Best product I’ve found that has actually worked without any side effects. Highly recommend giving it a go for menopause symptoms.
Thanks HH

Happy Calm

When I first received HC I took one capsule in the morning. It made me feel tired and after a few days I began to feel angry and short tempered so I stopped taking them. As I was still not sleeping well I decided to try them at different times of the day to see how I went. For me 6pm is the best time to take HC. I am sleeping so well now. Initially I was still a bit tired in the morning but that has passed and I feel so much better. I sleep more soundly now and am not tossing and turning and feeling hot during the night. Definitely pays to experiment with the time you take it.

What customer service????

I signed up and paid a fair bit of money for all the products including the 28 day detox program which I had been following with a great deal of success. Unfortunately there are significant supply issues with the products and all you get from customer service is "the team is working hard to have it as soon as possible". The dates of supply change constantly with no notice (or emails as they promise they will keep you update). This has caused A LOT of stress and is undoing everything I have worked hard for. I get that there are supply issues from time to time but open and HONEST communication is lacking as this would all customers to make decisions. Very disappointed in the lack of support.

Sorry your experience has not been great Tracie-Lee. It is true due to covid we have been having difficulty sourcing raw ingredients that is out of our control. We get told different things everyday so it is really difficult to communicate when stock will be back. Then there is a compound effect as all product companies are in the same situation so manufacturing continually gets pushed out because we miss our scheduled manufacturing window. Sorry for the lack of communication, however it is a matter that we ourselves do not know. You understanding would really be appreciated.


What an amazing product and what a fabulous sales team - if there was a 100 stars button I’d choose it - the sales team have been so diligent in helping with my order, far above and beyond.
My menopausal partner was driving me , and all the family, mad with every menopausal symptom known to man ( or woman) and all through a chemical reaction that she has no control over.
There are times when outdoor plumbing has its advantages.
But thank goodness for the attentive sales team getting her some HH as soon as stocks became available- now we can look forward to not sleeping next to a hot , no wait cold , no wait hot again partner. And the mood swings that would rip the wall paper of the walls will now stop again- huge sigh

Thank you

100% improvement skin, mood and sleep

After only a few months of taking happy hormones and happy liver, my sleep disturbances and hormonal skin breakouts that I have been suffering from for all of my adult life have significantly improved, along with my mood stability too. I've never felt better.