Happy Greens 500ml

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Happy Greens is a bio-fermented liquid concentrate of green superfoods with probiotics, formulated to assist the body in the alkalising and cleansing process.

It's designed specifically to help women who struggle with hormone metabolism.

  • Broccoli seeds & broccoli sprout powder
  • Wheatgrass, barley grass & alfalfa
  • Milk Thistle & Beetroot
  • Turmeric & active beneficial bacteria
  • Gluten free
  • No fructose
  • Vegan Friendly


Happy Greens Ingredients

Each 15ml serving contains: 22.5mg Organic Turmeric Powder, 787.5mg Milk Thistle, 112.5mg Broccoli Seed, 22.5mg Broccoli Sprout powder, 22.5mg Organic Wheat Grass Powder, 22.5mg Organic Barley Grass, 22.5mg Beetroot Powder, 22.5mg Organic Alfalfa Powder, Fermented Papaya, Glycerine.

Strains used during the fermentation process include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus fermentum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Made from natural ingredients, without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. No artificial preservatives, colourants, stabilisers or food acids added.

Made in Australia from imported & local ingredients. Export food product.


Indications for use

Happy Greens is a liquid Fermented Probiotic formula concentrate.

Adults: 5ml three times a day with food or a single serving of 15ml.
Up to 45-60ml may be consumed daily. Happy Greens can also be added to your favourite smoothies or juices for an optimum refreshing probiotic drink.

Children above the age of 3: Half the adult dosage.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3. 


Shake gently before use. 

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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    This stuff is amazing. When used in combination with HH it makes you feel even that much better. Helps with all the symptoms of menopause and peri.


    Just started taking it today and I have got a terrible stomach ache..is that because I am about to get cleaned out:-)

    Hi Robyn, probably not the ideal place to ask a question rather than via email or chat with the practitioner team.....But no harm done. Happy Greens are loaded with LIVE microbes. That means they are already active whereas most dried probiotics are asleep and often pass through your body without activating. So what is happening is a mini war is at play between the good and bad microbes in your system. The good guys will win out but it can take a week or two until this happens. If it is too much just drop back the dose and work up. The good news is that once it is complete your health will improve on many levels. If you want to contact the practitioner team the email is support@happyhealthyyou.com.au
    Very happy

    I'm not keen to test it but as soon as I began taking Happy Greens my heavy periods stopped. Will be re-ordering! Thanks for these great products.

    Thank you Michelle. Happy Greens is a great product as you discovered. To regulate your entire system however I would suggest Happy Hormones as well as its a system. HG will is a mechanical metaboliser whereas HH works on a deeper level to regulate hormone levels.
    Game changer

    Love this product. And didn't realise the full extent of its benefits until I ran out. Because I have PCOS I have started taking 20ml twice a day which means the bottles last less than 2 weeks. Would love a bigger size bottle.

    It certainly is an amazing product Peta. Yes we may need to look at larger bottles.

    Taking this, as an addition to the Happy Hormones which I already take, has really made a difference each month. No more nausea, light headedness or sore breasts . I sometimes take it as a shot in the morning but my favourite is to add it to my bottle of water

    Thank you Samantha. It really is an amazing product.
    Happy Greens

    Love this product. Great taste, easy to take. Taken in conjunction with HH I am just feeling better.

    Thank you for your comments, Kerry. Happy Turmeric and Happy Greens are at the leading edge of probiotics. They are LIVE, as opposed to freeze-dried which is 100% of encapsulated probiotics sold. The problem with traditional probiotics is that they are dormant. Asleep. And it takes 24 to 48 hours to wake them up. By this time, they have passed through your system. HT and HG start to work immediately, and this is why you have had such great results, just like all the other ladies with these products.
    Love it!

    Happy greens is great, I feel more energised and less bloated at the end of the day.

    Thank you for your feedback, Michelle. Happy Greens has been a game-changer for so many people, with the LIVE probiotics proving to be far more effective than freeze-dried powdered probiotics. Really glad you are feeling the changes.
    Happy gut

    Love the taste of this, I take it as a shot each morning before my HH smoothie

    Thank you for your comments, Kirstie.

    I finally took the plunge and brought HG...well, I never looked back. I have got a rare condition called mesenteric panniculitis and since I have been taking this along with HH as a shot first thing every morning I have been “going” to the toilet regularly and properly....Thankyou for such an excellent natural product.

    Happy Greens is certainly a game changer and completely unique product. Really happy you are feeling so much better Averil.
    Magic in a bottle.

    I didn't realise how this awesome green liquid was for me till I stopped taking it..... Now I know better I will do my very best to never be without my Happy Greens. I personally find the Happy Greens and Happy Hormones work together really well.

    Thank you for your feedback Sandra. Happy greens is a wonderful product and yes when combined with Happy Hormones is a system that works.
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    Already notice a difference

    Happy Hormone capsules have helped me already after 2 weeks. Just ordered my second lot (so I don't run out) and I'm about to try Happy Greens this time as well. I'm not menopausal but I do have irregular periods. My cycle is already on track to being back to normal.

    Instantly Noticeable

    I am a 44yo working Mum of 2
    I decided to go on happy Hormones (240 capsules) as I have PCOS and depression, I wanted a natural alternative to HRT
    Although I'm still in the early stages of HH there are many positive changes already.
    Firstly my energy levels have increased dramatically along with feeling alot happier and far less brain fog.
    Can't wait to continue on my HH journey I will be adding Happy Greens to my next order 😊

    Amazing Product

    Happy Hormones definitely helps me cope with life while going through menopause. My partner can certainly tell if I haven't been taking it, so it must be working! I have ordered turmeric so hoping that will help with my aches.

    Happier because of Happy Hormones!

    This product assisted me so much with my imbalanced hormones. I have found it to help with pain and symptoms leading into my period. It is a part of my overall health routine now and I wouldn't be without it!

    First tub down moods improving feeling much more calm relaxed and myself ..instead of the emotional mess i was becoming definitely would recommend