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This stuff has literally changed my life! The happy hormones oral powder literally took away every single awful symptom associated with my Perimenopause. I cannot thank this stuff and the people who make it enough. There was no way I was going to go on hormone replacement so this is truly my answer 😊

happy hormone

starting my second lot of tablets see if it makes any more difference still getting hot flushes but not as bad but feeling a bit down and still not got any more energy try this second batch if no different i will stop taking them

Fantastic Product! I love it!

I’ve been using Happy Hormones for about 3 years now.
I love it & i am positive the ingredients help me function to my utmost best.
I believe Happy Hormones help settle my moods & keep on a more even keel.
Thank you Happy Hormones Team a you are the best & have a very loyal customer in me :)

Happy Mama

I’m sure I was menopausal in my forties!!! But having a Mitena I just put the hideous feelings down to side effects. Now just turned 50 I’ve been on HH for over a year and the doctor tells me I’m going through menopause... seriously?? No hot flushes, no mood swings, positive about life, working on the weight and I feel pretty Happy. Getting the mirena removed was nerve wracking as I worried about going into the black hole everyone talks about, and turning into a psycho so i increased the dosage before removal and didn’t have one issue. I won’t EVER give up on HH it’s my daily routine. Thanks HH you’re the best.
Happy Hormones=Happy Mama xx

Soldier on

Throughout the first and second months hot flushes disappeared entirely, starting to experience milder hot flushes towards 3rd month, will continue on and see how I go