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Great product

This is an easy to take Tumeric drink that has a black pepper kick for better absorption. I find it more affective than the tablets. Give it a try

Happy Hormones

I have been using Happy Hormones for 3 weeks now and I think they have really made a difference to my sleeping habits, I feel a little more energised and hoping that it stabilises my weight gain due to menopause. I was recommended to take this product by two work collegues and I am so happy I have done so.

It Works

Now onto my third three monthly order of Happy Bladder. It took a short time to work. Can't remember exactly but noticeable within two weeks. Definitely able to hold on for longer. Less getting up at night and often sleep through. Am postmenopausal. Delivery is fast. No complaints.


I have Been taking HH for 4 mths has changed my life . No more hot flushes sleeping better and my mood is good . I highly recommend these to any one going through menopause they were a game changer for me .