What is BLOCKING Happy Hormones from working for you?

What is BLOCKING Happy Hormones from working for you?

Have you tried Happy Hormones and found it didn’t work for you?

Our reviews are quite amazing with 95% of women rating our products and approach 5 stars. But of course it is not going to work for everyone. And these reviews are from ladies that continued to take the product. What about those that stopped taking it? If this is you then I have written this article specifically to understand WHY?

First I am going to make a bold statement….Happy Hormones(HH) will always have a positive impact on a women’s physiology. It always works to some degree. This is because HH is an adaptogen. This means the ingredients stimulate the body to correct itself. HH in itself does nothing chemically apart from signal to the body to start to correct hormone levels to your unique needs.

BUT what if it cannot do this or there are other factors involved. Let’s discuss this…..


The number one reason HH does not work for most women is they do not give it long enough. I have analysed the group of women who only purchase once and a large percentage of them have only ordered the small sizes of HH. It takes years for hormonal imbalances to develop, so it is only logical that it takes time for them the correct.

We suggest at least 3 months or 3 cycles to see the full benefits you can experience. There are many reviews with ladies saying it took 6 months to see the changes. Please if you gave up too early….really consider giving it a better chance.


We treat ladies with simple imbalances, right through to complex multi-conditional disease processes. The degree of the imbalance makes a huge difference to how quickly HH can work and whether you need additional advice and products to support your system. In some cases such as chronic endometriosis with scarring or large fibroids, then it is too late and you will often need surgery. We can then support you following these medical interventions.


We find the younger women are, the faster they respond. Teens respond incredibly quickly whilst menopausal women need a higher dose and it can definitely take the full 3 months to see the changes. This again comes down to severity of the condition and the time that it took to develop as well as younger women having better organ function and ability to heal.

Poor Hormone metabolism

The second piece in the puzzle of hormonal imbalance is how your body metabolises hormones. This can be genetic and developed over a lifetime. When the body does not break down hormones and excrete them correctly, several things can happen.

  1. First is when you start taking Happy Hormones alone, then your symptoms can get worse. HH stimulates the body to clear hormone receptor sites and disrupt the current hormonal equilibrium before it starts to balance. This can be perceived as a side effect of HH or that it's not right for you. But in reality you just need to improve your hormone metabolism and then your symptoms slowly start to subside. It actually is a necessary part of the healing process for many women. We will talk more about this further in the article.
  2. Happy Hormones does not improve hormone metabolism. It is a regulator. But if you imbalance has arisen from poor hormone breakdown and excretion, HH can only do so much. This leads to a feeling that it is not working. The solution to this problem is Happy Greens. Happy Greens was developed after HH specifically to reduce the initial cleansing effects and assist women with ongoing hormone metabolism issue. HH and HG work as a team and the ladies who get the best results usually take both products together.

Detox symptoms

One of the reasons HH works so well is because it works at a deep level to correct the reasons why the imbalance developed in the first place. The body accumulates many xeno-estrogens through hormone use, plastics, pesticides and environmental toxins. These hormone mimics bind to hormone receptor sites and block their action.

HH stimulates the cleansing of these receptors which can release a lot of these toxins. This can lead to headaches, elevated anxiety and moodiness, fluid retention and generally feeling unwell. Women who suffer from oestrogen dominance are also commonly prone to detox symptoms when they first start.

These detox symptoms can be managed by following our 8 week program, taking happy greens and the liver detox, improving your GUT health and managing the dose you are taking. Once these symptoms pass your health actually improves on many levels, not just hormones and women comment on improve energy levels, less aches and pains and better sleep.


Stress is the number one block to balancing hormones. It is one of the major disruptors of hormones and prolonged stress impacts adrenal health which we will discuss further on.

Stress is a constant in many women’s lives however with the right management the physical effects can be reduced. Stress is accumulative. So the key is to regularly release stress….regular exercise, time management, meditation, yoga and prioritising your own health are some of the tips to manage stress so you can get the best out of Happy Hormones.


Certain medications actively disrupt hormonal imbalance. Antibiotics disrupt GUT health and we commonly see a recurrence of symptoms when women take Antibiotics after being on HH. If you have a history of antibiotic use, then adding Happy Greens can rebuild healthy GUT probiotics which has a significant impact on hormone metabolism.

Steroids are another common medication that disrupts hormonal balance and inhibits HH from working to full capacity. Synthetic hormones which are also a form of steroid, inhibit how well HH can work. Often HH is needed to offset the side effects of hormone use, but while you still continue to take synthetic hormones the body can never fully balance.

The length of time that you may have been on synthetic hormones also impacts how well HH will work. For example long term HRT use turns off your own hormone production so it takes time to re-engage your own hormones. This all needs to be taken into consideration how long it takes to feel the benefits of HH.

If you are currently taking any form of hormones, Bio-identical or not, you need to take HH for at least 6 weeks or longer before considering weaning off these medications. Going cold turkey or simply switching between HRT and Happy Hormones is not a good approach. 

Hormonal imbalance is not your primary health issue

Hormonal imbalances are extremely common. All women have some degree of imbalance. However there are women with other health factors contributing to their symptoms. The most common conditions which need rectifying before Happy Hormones can regulate your hormones are adrenal insufficiency, long standing depression or psychiatric conditions, food allergies and chronic digestive conditions, insomnia and chronic pain.

Many other chronic conditions will also inhibit how well Happy Hormones can work. In these situations we suggest working with your practitioner to overcome these conditions first. Happy Hormones can play a supportive role however it is important to understand the other health factors.


Diet is one of the most common contributors to hormonal imbalance. If you do not make any changes to the key dietary contributing factors then it makes it hard for Happy Hormones to work. Key contributing factors are sugar, caffeine and alcohol. In certain ladies especially with acne wheat and dairy. For ladies with PCOS then it is critical to have low GI foods and follow gluten free.

Too many animal products is generally a concern and keto diets directly disrupt hormonal balance long term. Don’t get confused between reducing refined carbohydrates and eliminating them completely.

We offer our free 8 week program as a guide to assist you to make the necessary dietary changes. The severity of your symptoms determines how close you need to follow the guidelines. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder PMDD, endometriosis and PCOS are conditions that really require strict adherence to the 8 week program principles to see the desired results taking Happy Hormones.

I didn’t realise it was working

Many women didn’t even realise Happy Hormones was working. People that are close to you can often be a better judge of how well Happy Hormones is working, especially relating to mood and emotions. Have that conversation and you may be surprised what those close to you may say.

Poor Advice

Although it is important to listen to your practitioner, it is also important to do your own research. Many times practitioners have advised women not to take Happy Hormones based on incorrect assumptions. Many doctors believe an ingredient in Happy Hormones called Black Cohosh is toxic to the liver. It is not. A small percentage of women may have reacted to Black Cohosh however this does not make it toxic to all women.

Many practitioners believe Happy Hormones contains hormones or act as a hormone. It does not. So ask our team first to verify any information and advice your receive and we can give you information to take back to your practitioner to educate themselves.


Happy Hormones is not a cure all. It simply is a catalyst to assist your body to balance its hormones. Our approach is a system.....of diet, lifestyle and products to help support your body to balance. In most cases it takes time. At least 3 months. Give it time to work. We know it works extremely well....you just need to understand why it may not have worked and our practitioner team can work through this with you.

The ladies that get the fastest and most dramatic results follow all our advice. In most cases women that give up….there has been a block in place to allow Happy Hormones and our advice to work. Our practitioner team is available 7 days a week to discuss your individual situation and give you the best advice. All you need to do is send us an email and you can discuss with them in our groups. Search the groups for your symptoms and there will be many posts you can ask questions or simply read similar experiences. 

Another great motivator is to search our reviews. Thousands of reviews are available and you can search them for your symptoms to hear other stories from ladies with similar hormonal symptoms.

A good starting point with our approach is to take our online women’s health assessment. To get a benchmark and then retake the assessment after 3 months to see the changes that have occurred as many times you may have forgotten about some of your symptoms.


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