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Best natural product

I feel I have tried every natural product available but none have come close to HH for helping me through the delightful menopause journey . I would highly recommend this product .

Inner Peace

I had been on Happy Hormones for a while and because i felt great i stopped taking it.
Now some months down the track and have had my marina removed and have started menopause i need it.
I need it to help with my stress levels for work and to increase my energy.

Happy with HH

I started taking HH 18 months ago. I noticed a reduction in my symptoms with 2 weeks and felt a lot better. After a few months I became a bit haphazard with taking it and found the symptoms starting to return. When I took HH regularly I felt fine. Recently I had a few stress and health issues and my symptoms started to come back even though I was taking my HH most of the time. I messaged re my issues onto the fb page and got help back straight away from the HHY staff. I adjusted my dose and now feel great again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)


This is a great product and has helped me so much and will recommend it to anyone .

Happy Weight

Just reordered some more happy weight. Have only tried the vanilla and berry and love both these flavours. I've been using this as a protein boost to my morning smoothies or as a light meal at night if home late. Going to try it as meal replacement this time to try and shift some excess weight. If you are looking for a good protein powder I highly recommend this one.