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Happy Hormones is a unique combination of natural Herbs and Superfoods. Suitable for women of all ages, Happy Hormones is designed to support a healthy hormonal balance.


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Happy Healthy You have a range of products designed with you in mind, to help maintain a healthy balance.


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The Happy Hormones program incorporates wholistic principles, and along with the Happy Hormones supplement may assist to balance and maintain healthy hormone levels.

Hormonal Imbalance

Happy Hormones may help regulate healthy female hormone levels and support healthy hormonal balance during menopause, and help to decrease symptoms of premenstrual tension.

Weight Management

Our specially formulated Happy Weight formula with gentle thermogenic compounds & liver support, may help you find a more ideal weight, and works with your body to support you. 

Food Supplements

We have a range of hand-picked products to help you detox, alkalise, cleanse and nourish your body. From greens to reds, and fermented foods to support your unique journey.

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4693 reviews
Life changing

I have been taking HH for 12 months now. I've had to tweak how many I take per day but after reading through lots of others questions and answers I have found that for me, taking 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the evening my hot flushes are pretty much non existent. I may get 2-3 per week instead of half a dozen a day. HH is definitely life changing.

New Start

Done the assessment, just ordered what I need and soo looking forward to their arrival and a decent nights sleep hopefully!

Love Happy Hormones

Love this product. I am peri-menopausal and Happy Hormones keep me hormonally level, regular and pretty much symptom free!


Ty for happy hormones, Ty for caring, I'm about to try happy weight, looking forward to getting my body back,

Excellent - allow time to feel the effects

I have been taking Happy Hormones capsules for almost 3 months. I am very happy with the results so far. At around the 6 week point I noticed that I was less bloated and didn't have that lower belly 'pooch' area. Now that I'm reaching the 3 month point I'm starting to feel my moods are more balanced. I'm definetly looking forward to seeing further results as I continue on the HH capsules.