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Happy Liver

Great product. Helped me to be more regular.
Sometimes I swallow the capsules, and other times, I open the capsule and add to my morning smoothie

Hot Flushes Gone!

I am 51 and had hot flushes start in January. They ramped up pretty quickly to ~10 a day and were very embarrassing and frustrating. I'd go bright red and then profusely sweat, people would wonder what was wrong with me. By mid Feb I also hadn't had a period for 4 months and was beside myself (not sleeping either because of them!). I had some left over powder from trying Happy Hormones a couple of years ago and started that again, and within 2 weeks the hot flushes stopped! I even had a period, which I take as a positive health wise. Every now and again I feel a mini sensation of a hot flush, but its really nothing compared to before, and usually if I forget to take HH for a day or 2. I'm now taking the HH capsules which while having to swallow 4 tablets, it is easier than the powder.

Regular user of HH

I am 53 and have been taking HH caps 2 x 2 per day morning and evening for the last 2 years and believe it continues to keep my moods even and my hot flushes to a bare minimum. If I was happy to completely stop my coffee and wine then I would be completely hot flush free but that ain't happening so thanks HH for helping me cope with the big M


Since being on HH for a few weeks, I have definitely noticed the reduction in my night hot flushes, finally getting some sleep. Would recommend trying these before going on to HRT.

Latest order

Very happy with my HH looking forward to similar results from happy greens and yoga