Why Healthy People Struggle to Lose Weight

Why Healthy People Struggle to Lose Weight

Are you incredibly healthy but just can't seem to lose weight? Read on to learn a few common reasons why you can't seem to shave off those extra pounds.

5 reasons why you’re not losing weight

  1. You snack on healthy food whenever and wherever it's presented. 

    You could be thinking less about portion control because you believe the food you’re eating is always healthy.

  2. You overlook the fact that good fats still need to be consumed in moderation. 

    You eat a whole avocado, 200g of salmon, a bag of caramelised pecans and half a tub of coconut yoghurt without really thinking you’re going over the recommended portions.

  3. You don’t technically consider vegan or gluten-free options an indulgence because they’re labelled as ‘healthy’. 

    Every time you take a coffee break, you order a vegan Spelt croissant or a gluten-free brownie to go with your espresso cup.

  4. You love snacking throughout the day on fruit or smoothie bowls. 

    You consider natural sugar healthy in any capacity at any time of day but forget how energy-dense it can be. Furthermore, you completely forget its impact on your blood sugar.

  5. You can't shy away from a healthy after-dinner treat. 

    Dinner satisfies you but you're a foodie and enjoy a few evening indulgences like a glass of organic wine or a few rows of good-quality chocolate.

Please note that these habits are not necessarily a concern for the average person. I bring them to attention ONLY for those who are struggling to achieve their weight loss goals despite feeling as though they're very healthy with their food choices. 

Keeping your portions healthy

The secret to losing weight doesn't simply depend on choosing healthy foods; it's also about portion control. The following guide may be useful to keep in mind when consuming meals throughout the day.

Portion control in weight loss


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