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Just Wonderful...

After entering peri-menopause complete with hot flushes and mood swings, I wanted something natural to help with it. HH popped up in a google search and I was impressed with what I was reading on the website. I bought my first bottle about 1 month ago and just purchased my second. It's amazing how this works! No more hot flushes, no more mood swings and I'm feeling calmer than I have in years! It happens so quickly, too. And by the end of the first week I had lost 1kg!! Loving that! Thankyou so vey much, Jeff, Lisa and all the beautiful people at Happy Healthy You!

Happy Hormone Capsules, feeling a difference

I've started Peri-menopause and have begun what I've dreaded for many years "hot flushes" they aren't horrendous but are very regular, and just come on out of the blue no warning or build up just BANG it's like I'm in a sauna or something. So I decided it was time to see what was out there that could help, my main concern was finding something natural and easy to take. Came across the Happy Healthy You website, liked what I read so decided to give it a try and bought the capsules. I take 1 each morning & night, I'm nearly through my first month supply and I am surprised and happy to say they have already started to lessen the number of 'moments' I have, so I'm encouraged to continue using these and see how much more they can reduce the number of hot flushes I have just ordered my second bottle. I'd highly recommend giving this product a try, and see if it can work for you
Thank you to Happy Healthy You team.

Happy Bladder - give it time

After reading up on this product and seeing that it can take some time to work, I decided to purchase the 180 size and give them until the end of the container to make a difference. They started working 10 days before the end of the container. They have made a massive difference to the number of times I need to go to the toilet. Prior to Happy Bladder, I was going to the toilet once an hour during the day (sometimes more), now I would say I go once every 3 hours. Whilst it has helped with the urgency of needing to go, it has not helped with bladder control during exercise. However, I am hooked and will definitely continue taking these tablets. My advice is to give it time to work :)

happy liver

Cant wait to get my happy liver tablets as i was diagnosed having a Fatty liver......

Love it

I am 48 years old and have been taking HH for 4 years now and will never stop. All symptoms of PMS have gone and I am much calmer than I used to be. I am almost looking forward to menopause at this rate!!