Cleansing and Detoxing with Happy Reset

Cleansing and Detoxing with Happy Reset

Firstly, well done to you for making the decision to take greater control over your health, improve your energy and vitality, and enhance your levels of wellbeing.

Taking the first step is usually the hardest. For this reason, I want to discuss with you the journey of cleansing and detoxification that your body will experience throughout the Happy Reset program. The old saying “Things will get worse before they get better,” truly applies here!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the different elements of the program including what to expect each week. I will also provide some strategies to support you with the cleansing effects.


In week one, we focus on cleansing the body from inflammatory foods, excess toxins, stagnant energy and dehydration. A lot of individuals may find themselves urinating more often and this is completely normal – the body is simply passing toxins and adjusting to the increase in hydration levels. While this may be an inconvenient change, it's a really great sign that your body is clearing toxins. You’ll also notice your bowel movements begin to change and you’re less bloated.

Through the first week, the changes are often more positive than anything. If you’re someone who previously loved a few cups of coffee throughout the day, however, you may experience headaches from caffeine withdrawal. To help combat these, ensure you’re meeting your two litres of Happy Water daily. Also, do some of the recommended yoga poses to reduce tension and incorporate some meditation to get your mind away from the headaches and into a more present state.

Week 2: DETOX

This week we move deeper into cleansing the internal organs, clearing unwanted toxins from the body, and resting and nourishing the digestive system. We’ll do all these by incorporating predominantly liquid-based meals and I must say this week is where the real magic happens!

You can expect to feel hungrier than usual or a little nauseous at times whilst your liver clears more toxins and your digestive system gets more time to rest and rejuvenate. Some other common symptoms during this time include irritability, brain fog, and headaches. Throughout this week, your energy levels may also increase and sleep quality could improve as the digestive system isn’t taking so much energy from the body to digest food. As a result, it can be used in other areas! Movement is integral to support your body during this week, so moving your body in the recommended ways will really enhance your results and your body’s ability to clear toxins.


We focus on increasing nutritional status this week. Due to the heavy detoxing in previous weeks, however, it’s normal to experience less energy than before. This is a great reminder that you need to rest to further enhance your detoxification results. I encourage you to incorporate a midday nap whenever possible. Try and plan the week to be a little quieter than usual and it’s likely that you won’t feel like leaving the house. So prepare to bunker in to give your body the time to fully nourish and RESET!


Energy levels should slowly begin to increase in the last week of the program. You should be feeling lighter and more vibrant, sleeping better, and truly enjoying all that nourishing and wholesome REAL FOOD!

To really optimise this last stage of the program and assist with detoxification on another level, I encourage you to incorporate some lymphatic detoxification rituals. These include daily hot and cold showers, dry body brushing, trampoline rebounding, and also tapping the top of your chest throughout the day as this is where the main drainage point of the lymphatic system is. Lymphatic support is also going to improve skin integrity, enhance weight loss and reduce signs of cellulite.

While on the Happy Reset program, please remember that our practitioner team is here to support you all the way. You can reach out via our Happy Reset community group or message us directly at

YOU can do this!


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