How To Control Your Hunger

How To Control Your Hunger

What causes us to feel hungry?

Hunger is a sensation triggered by the hormone ghrelin which is produced and released primarily by the stomach. Ghrelin is often referred to as the ‘hunger hormone’. Among many other functions, ghrelin stimulates your appetite and increases food intake. So when you feel or hear your stomach rumbling, that simply means it’s producing ghrelin.

Do you find that your hunger is constant and out of control? If so, here is some food for thought.

Hunger is not a simple equation of

While it is normal to feel hungry after going without food for a number of hours, hunger is more than just that. In fact, studies on individuals who fasted for a three-day period actually showed that their hunger signals (as tracked by the hormone ghrelin) had an overall decrease by the end of their fasting period. So if our hunger actually DECREASES with time, then why do we continue to feel hungry when it comes to mealtime?

Another study on individuals undertaking a 33-hour fast showed that despite early mornings being the time everyone had gone the longest without food, ghrelin levels were actually at their lowest and only rose during each participant's typical eating times.

Fasting to decrease hunger

Now we know that the human body only comes to expect food at certain times of the day. Usually, this is according to one's eating schedule, so hunger signals will typically peak around the same time each day. If this is true then doesn’t it suggest that we can modulate our own appetite simply by engaging in short fasts and changing our eating habits?

Yes, we can! The truth is, our hormones can adapt and so will our ghrelin response (i.e. how often we get hungry) after only four days of intermittent fasting and changing the frequency of our food intake. Why not give it a try and see how you respond?

Other ways to control hunger

Here are some other helpful tips to improve your hunger response throughout the day:

1. Make sure every meal you have incorporates some high-quality fats and proteins to allow for the slow release of blood sugar.

  • Add a handful of nuts and hemp seeds to your quinoa porridge.
  • Add 1 serve of Happy Weight powder and a tsp of chia to your smoothie.
  • Add 100g of wild-caught oily fish to your veggie stir-fry.
  • Have coconut yoghurt and walnuts together.
  • Add avocado and free-range chicken to your sandwich.
  • Add free-range boiled eggs to your salads.

2. Keep the microflora in your gut well fed. The bacteria that live here play a major role in appetite and cravings.

  • Have 100-300ml of coconut kefir each day.
  • Add a tsp of miso to your cooking (after it has cooled down).
  • Have 3 tbsps of pot set yoghurt.
  • Replace meat with 100g of tempeh in most of your dishes.
  • Add kimchi or sauerkraut to your soup bowl or salad.
  • Try a splash of raw ACV in your water before meals.
  • Try our Happy Turmeric or Happy Greens.

3. Listen to your HUNGER signals and do not confuse them with thirst, boredom or a play of emotions.

  • Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you all day.
  • Keep a dietary journal next to your pantry or in your phone to write down what you’re feeling before mealtimes.
  • Be sure you’re implementing one stress management practice each day to avoid using food as your comfort.

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I have been using HH, HG, HT LDetox for 11 weeks now. There has been a big difference in my energy levels most days. I have some off days. I realise it is going to take time as I have a lot of medical problems including fatty liver which is causing lots of other problems. Overall feeling much better


Happy Hormones has made my journey over the bridge to the land of menopause a fairly easy one.
Having been on the supplements while in the Peri menopause phase was a key factor.
I now take 3 capsules both morning and night and since June have not had one hot flush.
I am now back to wearing Winter pj’s to bed and happy snuggling under my doona.

If you are on the fence, well just jump right off and order done now.
Seriously it will change your life ❤️

Almost Ideal

I've just completed my first round of Happy Hormones (120 caps) and must admit I do feel calmer. I love the combination of natural ingredients and have no doubt they are of great benefit to my health. On the downside, I am disappointed that the Black Cohosh is not affecting my flushes and sweats. I deducted one star only because I feel the product and packaging needs to be improved to reduce costs for consumers, simplify dosage and reduce manufacturers environmental footprint. I hate having to take 4 pills per day and do not find the (single dose) powder to be convenient. Wondering why this company does not offer a single dose concentrated pill????

Hi Vikki, Thank you for your review. The capsules are already concentrated. The extracts of the herbal medicines are as concentrated as possible. Because we have a range of ingredients rather than just one of two ingredients as other products the amount you need to take is more. You can take the 4 capsules in 1 dose if you like. If it was a single capsule you would never be able to swallow it.

I agree with Helen from Griffin : 'It just makes me a better version of me.' I 've only been on HH for a few weeks and I have noticed a difference in everything, my body, emotions, anger, sleep. Every day is better. Can't wait to see me in a few months.

Best product ever.

This is the best product ever. I can't live without it. My kids are so grateful for this product. My mood is so balanced and I stress when I run out.