Aloe Vera Drink

By: Rachel Enright
Aloe Vera Drink
Aloe lowers blood sugar levels and helps repair gut health and constipation. Packed with antioxidants and antivirals, aloe helps fight parasites, assists with reflux and improves immunity.


  1. Pre-soak the aloe gel in water for ½ hour. Rinse to remove the yellow aloin.
  2. Blend all ingredients on high speed.
  3. Enjoy your drink!
  • You can make a bigger batch and keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.
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    Rachel Enright

    Rachel has 28 years experience as a holistic lifestyle coach. She completed her B.H.Sc. in Nutritional Medicine and has been a whole foods vegetarian chef for close to 30 years, working in the USA, Central America, Mexico, and Thailand. Rachel loves healing through a whole foods diet, has specialised in working with kids with spectrum disorders, and women's health.

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    Amazing help

    Thank you for for creating Happy Hormones! This product together with the liva detox have been an immense help to my well being this year. This is the first of many repeat orders I will be making. Since I began using these products in January this year my hot flushes and mood swings have gone, my cycle is regular again and my premenstrual symptoms are almost non existent. I have managed to lose 6kg. I Highly recommend these products and always tell my friends and family about them 😊💛

    Just Take It !!!

    Please find below, my video review.
    With thanks
    Ruth 😊

    Thank you Ruth. Really appreciate your comments and video.
    Fingers Crossed

    Just did my first order of Happy Hormones... I hope it works! 🙏

    I have suffered from dry skin for a long time now no amount of lotions or potions that I have used have fixed my problem,but I have now found that the dryness has gone thanks to happy hormones!! I feel less irritable also! Can’t wait for my next lot to arrive!! Highly recommended product!

    First time

    In the hope of overcoming urinary problems and pain in the liver area. I am still sceptical and certainly hope this proves me wrong.