Fermented Salsa

By: Katrina Butterworth
Fermented Salsa

Great for BBQ's or snacks with crackers. This is another easy ferment for you to experiment with if you're new to fermenting. With each ferment, you learn a little more about how the microbes work, and you grow your fermenting knowledge.

This ferment is kick-started with water kefir - but there's no reason you couldn't replace the water kefir with coconut water kefir.

Make sure you use a big jar, as you will love it... 


  1. Mix everything together in a bowl and put it all into a big glass jar. Press down with a clean fork as you fill, to try and remove any big air pockets.
  2. You want the liquid to be level with the top of the salsa or covering it. If needed, add a little water (cool/room temp as hot water will kill the good bugs).
  3. Leave at least 2cm from the brim of the bottle, in case it rises a little. Put the lid on the jar, but leave the lid a bit loose, so any carbon dioxide can escape.
  4. The salt makes brine, naturally preserving the food. The kefir acts a starter, since it has live microbes in it and you've just put them into a fresh food supply, so they'll be fermenting the salsa.
  5. Put in the pantry and watch it change. Press down with a clean fork every day, and taste it after about 3 days.
  6. You should taste a little fizz in your salsa, and if the softness is to your likeness (this is where we are all different) then you are done. Refrigerate and enjoy.

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Recipe kindly provided by Fermented Betty
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