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Finishing only my first bottle of Happy Bladder and hey - YES! - there IS a difference. One of the lovely leftovers from menopause (for me) was urge-incontinence. So despite having strong pelvic floors; exercising; a healthy weight etc I would experience a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I only realised over the weekend (after a 10km walk) that I hadn't needed to rush to a toilet and when I thought further about it, there has been a definite decrease in feeling like "uh-oh". Just ordered my next 3 bottles as if this product continues to work, I'd so much rather take this than the never ending pills etc., that get prescribed.


My last 5 periods have been horrendous, can’t sleep in my bed without a towel under me despite wearing a tampon & maxi pad. Cramping that takes me back to teenage years, where you can’t get off the couch & when you do you want to vomit from pain. Only 1 month ago I decided to try happy hormones, started straight after my last period. I am now having my monthlies & I have no pain & I only have to use tampons.. nothing extra... so very happy with this product, it’s a game changer 🥰

life saver

I recommended these to a work colleague this week so am hoping they help her as they have me. Sadly I must have the full 8 capsules daily , any less don't help at all but if I miss taking my happy hormone capsules that morning I find I am angry all day. The effect of the capsules don't seem to stay in my system and altho expensive given how many I take daily I am very grateful for them and when I say life saver I mean that literally as my rage and anger and frustration was tipping me over the edge. Menopause has completely ruined my life so much so that I have pushed everyone away for their sake and now lead a very quiet lonely life. Thank you for these capsules, I only wish men could understand how destructive menopause can be for many of us and that we sincerely cannot control it.

Happy Greens & Tumeric

Absolutely love these products, especially for my gut. I've noticed a massive improvement with bloating and discomfort since starting these. I also take the HH tablets and barely have any peri-menopausal symptoms

Happy Hormones

Such a wonderful product that has made peri menopause so much easier to live through. Hormonal headaches, joint pain and hot flushes lessened or abated for the last two years. I am now trying Happy Liver